How it Works

One of the great products we offer.

Drop it Off – We are located on 53 West Truman Avenue in South Salt Lake, Utah. We are open Monday-Friday by appointment only.  Please call 385-202-7196 or email to set up an appointment.  We can also help you ship your gear to us or coordinate a pick up. We will then clean, professionally photograph, research, and create a listing in our eBay store that will maximize your value and sales.

Watch it Sell – You will be able to watch your auction activity by logging on to your personal online account. We will monitor your auctions daily by answering questions and providing professional customer service.

Collect a Check  – When an item has sold we will professionally package and ship to the buyer. You will be notified of all transactions through your account and will be mailed a check for the funds your gear has generated. It’s up to you how to spend it!

We are a commission-based business. It’s in our best interest to get you top dollar for your items!  Here’s a summary of commission and fees:

-30% of the first $400, then 15% of the remaining balance, per item

-Bike commission: 15% of the sale price, capped at $600 with a minimum of $150

-There is a minimum commission of $3 per item that applies to items that sell for less than $12

-eBay transaction fees also apply if an item sells on eBay.  We have discounted eBay fees at a flat 12% of the first $2500, then 2.35% of the remaining balance, including payment processing, so there will not be additional PayPal fees. Standard sellers on eBay are charged 12.9% of the first $7500, then 2.35% of the remaining balance, so we can save you a good amount on fees.

-We charge a $25 fee for labor intensive items over $400 that are picked up because they have not sold or someone has found a local buyer.  This applies mainly to bikes, and we cannot end the first 7 day auction unless the consignor is willing to pay the applicable eBay final value fees, as those will be charged to us by eBay.

Below is a breakdown of our listing strategies.   We can help clients select the strategy that best suits their needs.

Auction: Items that are sure to sell and get bid up are started at a low value, $0.99 or $9.99, for a 7 day auction. This takes advantage of eBay’s extensive research on the benefits of competitive bidding which result in achieving market value, as well as results often in items getting bid up above market value.

Pro’s: This is the fastest method for sales, incurring the least amount of eBay fee’s and the highest turnaround time to get money in your pocket.

Con’s: There is no reserve and in the event that there are not enough bids, occasionally an item can go for lower than expected.

 Market Value: Items are researched according to age, condition, retail vs. resale, and priced at a competitive market value. They are started first at a 7 day auction within 10% of similar item’s that have sold in the past.  If an item does not sell in first auction it is changed to a Buy it Now.  If it still has not sold after the second listing we will add a Best Offer option.  We will then field offers on a case by case basis and accept within a reasonable range.

Pro’s: This will achieve a reasonable market value without the gamble of a low starting bid.  Auctions will usually sell within 1-3 rounds (7 day’s each).

Con’s: This will take a slightly longer amount of time to sell especially on higher dollar items.

 Fixed Price/Best Offer: Items are set at a high value/retail price but at a Buy it Now with an option for Best Offers. This shows retail/optimistic pricing but allows buyers to submit what they are willing to pay for the item. The seller gives an “in pocket” price that they would like and we will counter offers accordingly.

Pro’s:  This will provide a contrast to buyers on retail vs. the discount they are getting on an item, helping the perceived value of the product.

Con’s: This can take much longer, and sometimes requires lowering an item incrementally until the right buyer is found.  eBay is often a place to find discounts and the higher priced items can be overlooked for better deals.