About Gear Rush

We believe in gear, and the rush it gives us.  We are gear junkies. There, we said it. Now you should too. Admission is the first step…

Gear gets us out in the hills, on the trails, roads or wherever else we escape to.  Gear is sacred because it gives us the means to play, to release, and escape the daily grind.   We believe that no usable gear should be thrown out or neglected, it should be enjoyed by a new user.

Gear Rush LLC is a small business based in Salt Lake City, UT at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains.  We serve as an outlet for the cycling and outdoor community to turn over their no longer needed gear. Founded by two professional cyclists and avid skiers and snowboarders, we have a variety of connections that allow us to sell some unique and hard to find items. We specialize in the buying and selling of new and used outdoor sports equipment, so if you need to sell or are looking for some gear hit us up.

Gear Rush strives to operate a green business. By nature of consignment we are recycling people’s no longer needed gear to a new user, and do so while operating with little waste and low impact. On most days you won’t find a vehicle out in front of the office because we have all ridden our bikes to work!

Our Staff:



The Gear Rush Crew driving Go-Karts at K1 Speed in January 2016













Gear Rush founders and owners, Alex Grant and Bart Gillespie













Brandon Cross, Photo Extraordinaire

Jeff Bender Shipping Captain













Ian Hansen-Wissbrod Listing and Photographs













Tom Bender Power Lister

Tom Bender Power Lister